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3 - Identify the translatable files

You will see lots and lots of files, but not all of them have translatable content. Let's see which ones have some texts to translate:

SCUS_941.6X - The main menu

init\window.bin - It has some battle icons, the font of the game and the width of the font.

init\kernel.bin - Items, magics, weapons, etc.

battle\scene.bin - Enemies and attacks.

mini\chocobo.bin - Some texts used in the chocobo races.

battle\battle.x -  Some texts used in battles.

menu\xxxx.mnu - Here we have the texts used in the menu.

world\world.bin - The "world map" texts.

And the most important folder:

field\xxxx.dat - The game dialogues and tutorials.

Finally there are a couple of videos with subtitles, but we will see these files later.

2 - Extract the contents

As usual we will need to extract the game contents in order to manipulate the files. We will use an old software called CD-Mage. In case you need the game contents, I've uploaded it for you:


Keep this folder and make a backup copy of it in your PC.

1 - Get the game

You will need the original game (USA version):

Disc 1 (SCUS-94163): 747.435.024 bytes
CRC-32: 1459cbef

Disc 2 (SCUS-94164): 732.657.408 bytes
CRC-32: a997a8cc

Disc 3 (SCUS-94165): 659.561.952 bytes
CRC-32: 1c27b277

All the discs have almost the same content, only the "movie" folder is different. The most interesting material is inside the "field" folder, but we will see that later.